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The consultancy company
Carl Erik Torp

VAT no. DK 26 83 65 06

offers your company ...

Ejbydalsvej 239
DK-2600 Glostrup

Phone  (+45) 44 91 05 77
Mobile  (+45) 24 62 68 90

Email    cet@cetorp.dk


Help with quality assurance of IT, e.g. related to ...

  •  Accreditation, certification and IT security requirements

  •  Software development and software validation

- this will result in greater customer satisfaction and higher profitability


Good advises about how to organize projects, e.g. for ...

  •  IT-policy and IT-security

  •  Electronic document management

- this will reduce the expenses and the need for investments


Methods and tools suited for e.g. ...

  •  Validation of software and IT-systems and requirements specifications

  •  Testing and risk assessment of the company IT

- this will be the safest way to perfect and continuous operation


Courses and teaching, e.g. subjects like ...

  •  IT-systems, digital signature and Internet security

  •  Entrepreneurship, phone canvass and stress management

- this will make the company and its employees skilful and clever

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