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Courses are offered as half-, whole-, or multiple day courses. The subjects may be as described below or be a combination hereof. Special subjects may be provided by agreement.

  1. Calibration certificates and digital signature
    • Transferring calibration certificates via the Internet
    • Sending calibration certificates by e-mail
    • Internet based access to calibration certificates (Web-documents)
    • Electronic record & Electronic signature
  2. Validation of software using the Nordtest method

    • Background, purpose, and use of the method
    • Requirements specification, system acceptance test, design and implementation
    • Test - a difficult task
    • The validation report as a "dynamic" document
  3. Validation of computer systems using the modified Nordtest method

    • New computer system or retrospective validation
    • Requirements specification, supplier audit, and system acceptance test
    • Breaking down the computer system in validate able processes
    • Validation report and documentation of the system
  4. Project formulation, start and control of IT-projects

    • The quality system and the project organization
    • Analysis, planning, and requirements specification
    • Software risk assessment, validation and acceptance criteria
    • Project handbook, review and documentation
  5. Risk assessment used in software validation

    • Process identification and risk scenarios
    • Validation requirements and process verification
    • Risk classification and prioritizing
    • Determination of validation scope and depth
  6. Uncertainty calculation using the GumXp spreadsheet

    • Uncertainty calculation using the GUM and EA-4/02 guidelines
    • Setting up uncertainty budgets and model function
    • Type A and B evaluation, covariance and correlation
    • GumXp in details
  7. Using Excel - what is difficult and how do we do it?

    • The users needs (questionnaire)
    • Excel functions, macros, modules, and Add-Ins
    • Measures against bugs in Excel
    • Validation of spreadsheets
  8. Courses in competence development:

  1. TeleCanvass aimed at job-seeking

    • To get an appointment
    • To complete a meeting
  2. Entrepreneur - an alternative to a job?

    • To be self-employed
    • To profile an entrepreneur
    • To use your network
  3. TeleCanvass for entrepreneurs 

    • To get an appointment
    • To complete a meeting
  4. Quality in Company - QiC

    • About the QiC star tool: 
    •  - State - Quality criteria - Targets - Action plan - Evaluation plan -
    • About working with quality development
    • To use the quality star
    • To document a quality development sequence

   Courses in competence development are hold for:

   >  AJS - Akademikernes Job Service

   >  FKS - Forbundet Kommunikation og Sprog

   >  IDA - Ingeniørforeningen i Danmark

Course handouts are supplied in PDF-format on CD-rom.

Price upon agreement.

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