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  An advanced spreadsheet for uncertainty budgets

This page contains links to files available for FTP download. 

See the description of file formats and macros at the bottom of this page. 

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The GumXp is a spreadsheet program for advanced uncertainty calculations developed on the Office XP platform (Excel 2002). The program provides elegant setup of uncertainty budgets and calculation of uncertainties in accordance with the ISO's GUM (Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement) and the European co-operation for Accreditation, EA's EA-4/02 (Expression of the Uncertainty of Measurement in Calibration).

The GumXp features:

  • Each uncertainty budget takes a single worksheet.
  • Almost unlimited number of uncertainty budgets in a workbook.
  • New budgets are based on a hidden, customizable template worksheet.
  • Easy linking of uncertainty budgets.
  • Up to 50 input quantities in each uncertainty budget.
  • Easy access to see/hide:
    • Rows with unused input quantities.
    • The correlation matrix.
    • Supplementary parameters (k, Symmetry, ±Limits etc.).
  • Alf functions are controlled from a toolbar.
  • All macros doing calculation reside in a protected GumXp Add-In:
    • Easy upgrade to new versions of GumXp.
    • No restriction in using user-developed macros.
    • No risk of inadvertent change of validated macro code.
  • Open-source macro code to open and close the GumXp Add-In.
  • Each uncertainty budget has:
    • Results at the top of the budget worksheet.
    • Display of the model function with user-defined alias names.
    • Results on the form y ± U  [unit].
    • Column to specify units.
    • Column with calculated relative covariance contributions in %.
  • On-line, case-sensitive Help.
  • GumXp is in English.

The GumXp software package contains:

  • GumXp.XLT

 Excel Template
  • GumXp Add-In.XLA

 Excel Add-In module
  • GumXp Examples.XLS

 Excel spreadsheet with examples
  • GumXp Install.XLS

 Excel spreadsheet to install the GumXp files
  • GumXp Help.CHM

 HTML based on-line help
  • GumXp Readme.TXT

 Information about GumXp (tips, measures, bugs)
  • GumXp License.TXT

 License agreement (also available in the Add-In)

The GumXp software package may be downloaded, registered, and used with a free DEMO-license in 100 days from the registration day. All new uncertainty budgets will be marked with the same license as the actual GumXp Add-In. An uncertainty budget marked with a DEMO-license can be used by all GumXp Add-Ins, which have been registered with a purchased USER-license, but not by other DEMO-licensed GumXp Add-Ins except the one that originally marked the uncertainty budget. There is no restriction when using a purchased USER-license.

The USER-license may be purchased on application to 

Options are Course-, Private-, Department- and Company-based USER-licenses.

The GumXp revision notes:

Version 1.0.1    Both Danish and English decimal symbol ("," comma and "." period)

Version 1.0.0    English decimal symbol (only "." period)

File formats and macros

ZIP    	Compressed file
	May require the WinZip® unpack program (depends on the operative system)
EXE    	Self-extracting compressed file
	No unpacking program required

All Excel spreadsheets in the GumXp software package contain macros which have to be enabled for the program to work. It is generally recommended to select Excel's medium security level and then subsequently approve that macros can be enabled when a spreadsheet, which is known or expected to contain macros, is opened. Office XP makes digital signing of macro-projects possible. A digital signature on an Excel macro-project guarantees that the macros in here have not been changed since the project was signed, and that the signer is who he claims to be (provided that the signature can be confirmed by a trusted third part such as the TDC Certificeringscenter). If desired, the GumXp package can be supplied with digitally signed macros. GumXp is supplied as an ordinary zip-file and a self-extracting zip-file because the security level of some IT-systems does not allow download of EXE-files.

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